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Indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health risks. Usually the best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants and ventilate the home or office with clean outdoor air..

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About Excellect

Since 1982, EXcellect Filter Factory, which was earlier known as Seiary Filter Factory, has been manufacturing high quality of Air filters and systems that provide the purest, cleanest air to commercial buildings, data centers, civil departments, hospitals, industrial plants, food processing units and many other areas.

Day after day, we believe we can improve the world and the environment we live in, with the firm certainty that the air we breathe is a very valuable asset. This is why we continue to invest in R&D, certifications and human capital by putting the values of sustainability and environmental comfort at the center of our daily work.

EXcellect Filter Factory provides full range of filters from efficiency class G2 to U15, air filtration accessories and systems, combined with the certified guarantee of personalized service which is quality, flexibility and customer oriented.

For more than 38 Years Excellect Filter Factory has been improving process facilities by:
• Sourcing the very best suppliers worldwide in order to match global Standards.
• Excellect filter Factory has been credited by Bureau VERITAS as ISO 9001-2015 from 2017.
• In 2012 we started our journey to produce EXCELL-HVAC under UL-900 Certification. Till date we hold a large number of UL certifications under file number R14863.
• Our products have been tested by third party labs worldwide.

Contact us:

  • +966-11-2652133
  • +966-11-2652145


  • 00966-11-4770474
  • 00966-11-4776935


  • 00966-12-6610759
  • 00966-12-6610744


  • 00966-13-8679233
  • 00966-13-8679232

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