EXCELL-HVAC METALLIC FILTERS are permanent filters with layers of metallic slits and expanded into mesh of differing densities, encased in an aluminium or galvanized steel frame. EXCELL-HVAC METALLIC FILTERS are washable type permanent air filters suitable for HVAC high velocity and grease filtration applications.

  • Metal series for Heavy duty & coarse filter applications.
  • Suitable for HVAC systems & kitchen extract units.
  • Washable filters.
  • Easy to installation and maintenance.
  • High dust holding capacity

EXCELL-HVAC METALIC filters are washable metal series filter made up of multi pleated metal layers of wires, enclosed in metal frames. The drain holes will help the dust, oil/grease to remove from the filter automatically.

The rigid construction of metal series filters hall ensure the performance in heavy-duty applications.

Arrestance value depends on the thickness of the filter. Synthetic dust weight arrestance averages from

a minimum of 57% to a maximum of 81%.