Rigid Pac


EXCELL-HAVC RIGID PAC compact construction make RIGID PAC an ideal product for VAV (Variable Air Volume) system.

They are ideally suited for commercial buildings, schools and universities, hospitals, as well as for industrial installations.

  • Rugged galvanized steel casing minimizes damage during shipping and handling.
  • Units are available with or without header.
  • Designed as a premium product for VAV systems.
  • Energy effective – money saving.

EXCELL-HAVC RIGID PAC filters are extended area filters constructed with a frame of galvanized steel for durability and long service life. Filter media consists of a single piece of certified high density, ultrafine glass or Synthetic Fibers. A non-woven synthetic backing is laminated to the air leaving side of the media. A fabricated metal grid with 98% open area provides the media additional support and rigidity. Permanently installed pleat contour stabilizers ensure that proper pleat configuration is maintained throughout the life of the filter.

Available in four certified and colors-coded ASHRAE efficiencies.