Hog Hair


EXCELL-HVAC HOG HAIR FILTERS are a washable filter. Media, manufactured from a select blend of many fine interconnected natural fibers, spun into a high loft, depth loading, fiber maze. The fibers are fully bonded together and firmly locked upon a rigid scrim net backing. This material is used in Swamp Coolers and Paint Booths as well as other filter applications. This material is available in 1” and 2” depths.

EXCELL-HVAC HOG HAIR FILTERS are used in schools, factories, office buildings, homes, hotels and motels and many other air handling applications.

  • Low cost permanent filters.
  • Contains no glass-a pleasure to handle.
  • No oil coating-filters electrostatically.
  • Excellent paint arrestor capability.
  • Treated against bacterial growth.
  • High dust holding capacity.
  • Flexible, but rigid.
  • Available with or without frame.

Constructed of graduated density natural hair and vegetable fiber media backed with supporting scrim.

Average arrestance 60-80%