EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL extended surface air filter is another superior product from the EXCELLECT family of air filtration products. The unique design of EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL offers the user a wide spectrum of dust removal coupled with extremely low-pressure drop, the combination of these two values offer high performance filtration, highest energy savings and low operating costs.
Fabrication of V-Cell media packs in a multiple V-Bank arrangement substantially increases the amount of media contained in the filter. When compared to conventional Rigid or Cartridge type filters, EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL provides between 40% and 300% more surface area, assuring the user of abnormally long service life and economy of operation.
The rigid design with multiple mini-pleat media packs, Thermo Plastic separators all plastic cell sides and header make. 
EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL filters ideally suited for the most difficult operating conditions. The V-Cell filters is offered in four distinct ASHRAE rated efficiency ranges. These include 65%, 85%, 95% and 98%.
This broad range of performance levels offers the user virtually every degree of required air cleanliness, the broad range of efficiencies assures the compatibility of V-Cell in virtually every applications.

  • Ideal for HVAC & Gas turbine applications.
  • Low Pressure Drop.
  • Very Large surface area.

EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL filters are designed to handle large airflow volumes per cell. The extremely low pressure drop, generated by the high ratio of media to filter face area, results in low media velocity and significant energy savings and low operating costs. The leak free construction offers guaranteed filter efficiency. The filter is extremely strong and durable, yet lightweight and easy to install.

EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL extended surface Air Filters are constructed from Ultra-fine synthetic media manufactured from a modified meltdown process. The graded fiber density ensures coarse fibers up stream and fine fibers downstream and giving optimum particle capturing characteristics.

The media is taken through a unique manufacturing process which includes addition of extruded polypropylene separators to the pleated media which gives uniform V-Configuration ensuring low resistance and a longer life span.

The mini-pleat media are bonded inside aesthetically pleasing polypropylene frame forming a completely unitized, rigid filter, that does not crack and resists damage during shipping and handling. The entire media pack is guaranteed leak free around the entire perimeter of the product.

EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL FILTERS are available in four distinct ASHRAE efficiency ranges to meet virtually any need. There are multiple face dimensions offered in each efficiency range. EXCELL-HVAC V-CELL FILTERS are furnished in a compact 12″ nominal depth. Height and Width dimensions are inter changeable, as V-Cell filters may be installed with pleats in either vertical or horizontal directions. The product is totally Free from maintenance and is environmentally friendly being made from 100% polypropylene. The filter media is anti-microbial. This characteristic is a by-product of the manufacturing process and does not require addition of any chemicals.