EXCELL-HVAC PANEL filters are disposable widely used as pre-filters to higher efficiency filters or toprotect heating and cooling coils from becoming coated with dirt.
Suitable for use in air handling units and banks of filter frames, in commercial applications including offices and factories.

  • Filter media will not sag.
  • Available in ½”,1″ and 2″ nominal thickness.
  • World-class construction.

EXCELL-HVAC PANEL Constructed in the conventional method, the EXCELL-HVAC Panel is built for
heavy-duty applications. Filters are manufactured with color-coded continuous progressive density
fiberglass media with high compression strength (to prevent surface loading). A colorless and odorless
adhesive retains the dirt particles within the filter media after they have contacted the fibers.
The rugged fiberboard frame, which encases the media, is supported by a perforated, corrosion
resistant metal grid on both the upstream and downstream sides. The thermo plastic sealant around the
perimeter of the filter frame provides the product unusual rigidity and strength.

High arrestance and high dust holding capacity makes the EXCELL-HVAC Panel a leader in the highly competitive market.

Average arrestance value 75-85%.