EXCELL-HVAC CARBON FILTERS are used when undesirable gases, vapors, odors, or fumes are present. By means of its unique design, it provides an economically viable solution to many of the indoor air quality problems.

EXCELL-HVAC CARBON FILTERS are panel type filters with excellent airflow properties.

  • Millions of square feet of adsorptive surface area per cubic feet of activated carbon.
  • An economical solution to indoor air problems.
  • Designed for effective cleaning of undesirable vapors, toxic gases.
  • Combination of odor control with particulate filtration for improved indoor air quality.
  • Top of the line construction.

EXCELL-HVAC CARBON FILTERS employ a durable non-woven polyester base media, impregnated with activated charcoal.

The unique combination of high quality activated carbon and polyester affords odor and particulate trapping efficiency, while maintaining excellent airflow properties.

The media is enclosed in an aluminum frame with metal retainers on both sides for rigidity.

EXCELL-HVAC CARBON FILTERS supports ASHRAE 52.1-92 methods as the professionally accepted standards for air filtration. The average arrestance value 80%-85%