EXCELL-HVAC POLY-PAC Filters are medium to high efficiency extended surface self-supported pocket (bag) filters made of super fine synthetic (polyester) filter media. The progressive density multi –layered fiber arrangement offers excellent filtration performance combined with very high dust holding capacity.
EXCELL-HVAC POLY-PAC filters are ideal air contributing system in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical planets, food processing planets etc.

  • Very high dust holding capacity.
  • Washable.
  • Low Pressure Drop.
  • Long Service Life.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for 100% humidity.

EXCELL-HVAC POLY-PAC, self-supporting bag filters are made up of superior grade synthetic filter media, multi-layered density fiber arrangement.

The three-stage fiber arrangement has a first layer which act as a pre-filter to the micro fiber second layer and third layer supports the media fibers. 

This results in high dust holding capacity, low-pressure drop and longer lifetime. The rigid pockets are formed by welded construction and aerodynamic design.

Available in G3 (EN779) 30%  (Ashrae Dust Support).