In an effort to respond increasing synthetic media requirements in the air filtration industry, EXCELLECT filter factory offers the EXCELL-HVAC ULTRA-PAC bag filters for those areas requiring the highest degree of air cleanliness.

  • Create stability even at high airflow, turbulence, pressure surges and high humidity.
  • Dust holding capacity increased by 10-30%.
  • Initial efficiency increased by 5-20%.
  • Initial resistance decreased by 5-20%.
  • Non-shedding, Non-carcinogenic synthetic media.
  • Treated media, which inhibit the growth of microorganisms.
  • UL listed File R14863.

Each EXCELL-HVAC ULTRA-PAC FILTER provides extended surface filtration efficiency through high quality synthetic media formed into individual dust holding pockets. 

The pockets are created by a multi-row welding process, which promotes uniform spacing between each pocket, ensuring optimum dirty-air to-media contact.

In addition, each pocket is bonded and sealed to its own J-channel support frame, which is fastened mechanically to a heavy duty, corrosion resistant galvanized enclosure frame.

EXCELL-HVAC ULTRA-PAC Filters are Certified with Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc, is a U.S. based independent, non-profit making organization that tests products for safety and has the world›s best reputation for unbiased assurance of filter safety.

Available in 4 certified colors coded efficiency ranges F6 to F9 (EN779) 65%to 98% (Ashrae Dust Support):

MEDIA COLOR AVERAGE Avg. Eff. Ashrae 52.1-92

White 98 %

Yellow 90%-95%

Pink 85%-90%

Green 60%-65%

Beige 45%-50%