EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL FILTER is an extended surface MINI-PLEAT PANEL FILTER from the EXCELL-HVAC family of air filtration products.

EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL has opened up a new chapter in filter technology. Much smaller in size than conventional filters, it satisfies much higher demands. The unique design and media properties made EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL a new state-of-the-art Filter.

  • No long bags, hence easy installation & disposal.
  • Reduction in the filter section.
  • Reduction in maintenance time.
  • Increase in lifetime.
  • Considerable reduction in operating cost.
  • Anti-microbial media – prevents the growth of microorganisms.
  • Water repellent & resistant to most chemicals.

All EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL utilizes 100% FIBER GLASS filter media developed from a modified melt blown process. The graded fiber density ensures coarse fibers upstream and fine fibers downstream giving optimum particle capture characteristics. This media is then taken through a manufacturing process which includes the addition of polypropylene separators to the pleated media which gives a unique V-configuration ensuring low initial resistance and longer life span. The pleated media is encased in a metal frame with proper bonding to provide 100% leak free operation. The final pleated filter is extremely durable with high compressive strength in the airflow direction. This durability also ensures that there is no damage to the pleats during transportation or installation.

Each filter of EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL series incorporates a large amount of filter media due to its mini-pleat (close pleats) design. For example, 4 sq ft panel filter with face dimension 24”X24” has about 10m filter area, which is more than that of a conventional high efficiency bag filter with same face area.

EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL offers a significantly longer life span, extremely low-pressure drop and high filtration efficiency.

Since the filter material is water repellent, the EXCELL-HVAC C-CELL can operate at extremely high humid conditions. It is not possible for the media to stick together when wet. So the related incalculable rise in pressure is avoided.